For the highest electrical and mechanical requirements

Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Cylinder is one of the important Dielectric materials used in Transformer Industry. It is also being widely used in various structural,Chemical and Commercial applications because of its excellent Mechanical Properties. The FRP Cylinders manufactured by Easun MR meets stringent quality requirements of the Transformer industry.

Manufacturing Process

The FRP Cylinders are manufactured using the filament winding technology. Computerised Numerical Controlled (CNC) winding machines wind the resin-impregnated glass fibres on the mandrel. After winding, the epoxy resin is cured in temperature controlled furnaces. Until the completion of curing, the mandrels are kept rotating to avoid displacement of the resin. Finally, the material is cooled to room temperature and the mandrel is pulled out of the cylinder.

The winding angle is the angle between the glass fibres and the axis of the tube. Various winding angles (5°- 88°) and different resin systems allow us to offer multifaceted, customised solutions. Small winding angles result in tubes with high bending strength (BFW) and large angles in pressure resistant tubes (PFW). Different angles can also be combined to produce tubes which can withstand high bending forces as well as high internal pressure (PBFW).

Certified to ISO 9001 standards, the production processes meet the stringent safety and quality requirements laid out by the transformer and other related industries.

Material, Design & Dimensions

FRP Cylinders are available in diameters from 28 mm to 1000 mm. To meet high electrical and mechanical requirements, EasunMR uses only E-glass fibre and high temperature curing epoxy resin from renowned suppliers.

On-load Tap Changers
The electrical as well as the mechanical requirements are very high in an OLTC, requiring the cylinder to be machined in many different ways. In OLTCs, the cylinders serve as housings, drive shafts, contact carriers, and more.
Transformer Production
In transformers, old fashioned hard-paper cylinders are getting replaced with modern FRP cylinders. This ensures higher quality in electrical and mechanical behaviour. Most common applications are arc suppression coils or cylinders for transformer windings.
Other Applications
Other common applications include winding supports for reactors, insulating spacers and housings in high-voltage testing equipment, insulating pipes for measuring devices and support cylinders for hollow composite insulators.