Transformer Monitoring System

The MR make advanced Transformer Monitoring Systems which are promoted by Easun - MR monitor all parameters of transformer which can be individually adapted to your specific requirements with the option of different add-on modules. It is also possible to flexibly combine and adapt or expand the functions with customized signal assignment of board input / outputs.


In TRANSFORMER MONITORING SYSTEM following Monitoring functions are included:

  • Top oil temperature & Winding temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Tap position capture
  • Load current
  • Load voltage
  • Hotspot calculation
  • Ageing
  • Active power
  • Data logging
  • Number of hours per stage
  • Number of switch operations per stage
  • Number of passages through zero position

Advanced Monitoring

Additional monitoring functions (Bottom oil temperature of active part, direct measurement of winding temperature, Buchhloz relay of active part, oil conservator oil level, second ambient temperature).

Cooling System Control

Control of up to three cooling stages and inlet and outlet temperatures of coolant.


Indication of up to nine gases in oil and moisture content in oil.

On- Load tap- changer

Monitoring functions for MR on-load tap-changers, e.g. wear model, maintenance intervals

Potential Free inputs and outputs

Monitoring system for various signals, customer-specific sensors for analog, digital and PT 100 signals

Voltage Regulation

Voltage regulation, line drop compensation and paralleling. Our technical experts will assist you in installing the device
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