Asset Management - Premium Services

Regular maintenance increase the On Load Tap Changer life and reducing operational risk

Easun - MR has more than 3 decades of experience in OLTC manufacturing & carrying out OLTC service.

Easun - MR has more than 3 decades of experience in OLTC manufacturing & carrying out OLTC service. Our Dedicated 24 x 7 Service Team will be there in short notice for any of your Service needs, be it any OLTC make. Our well trained & experienced technicians give you the world class services of OLTC maintenance. They are getting constantly updated with the latest training tools to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Many of our customers are benefitted from comprehensive over hauling service, theirby enjoying trouble free voltage regulation.

We have Service Engineers placed throughout India over 30 Locations including Bhopal, Delhi, Vadodara, Allahabad, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Nagpur etc., Our Expert Service Team will reach you in shortest possible Time. We have created a big 24 x 7 centre at Chennai to attend your Service Calls and direct the service Engineers to your site.


One thing is absolutely sure. When you decide on an on-load tap-changer from EMR, you are buying the mature technology of the world market leader in uncompromised quality and with top reliability. And you should not be satisfied with less when it comes to the technical service. Our specialists are at your disposal worldwide and around the clock. They always find a solution for your problem. Many years of experience and the original data of all on-load tap-changers ever delivered by EMR make this possible


Skilled workmanship, extensive know-how, pragmatism and routine aplenty – this is what distinguishes our service technicians. Regular further training ensures the consistently high quality standard. The best guarantee for professional and expert maintenance.  The latest MR switches are not the whole extent our specialists’ expertise by any means. They can deal just as easily with older series, EMR licensed products as well as other makes from MR,Bhel.


Since April 2008, the service personnel of our subsidiaries and selected service representatives have been qualifying themselves with certification as Premium Service Providers. To ensure a uniform, high standard of quality, these technicians are required to refresh their knowledge every two years and also pass theoretical and practical examinations. This means that the "Premium Service Provider" quality seal guarantees cutting-edge service around the world.
In addition, our technical service is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 (Quality Management), among others. Our management systems also comply with all the requirements of standards DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001:1996.


What is the use of prompt on-site diagnostics if the urgently needed spare parts are not available? No need to worry: we even have rarely needed accessories in our spare parts stock. And if there is still something missing, we make this on our own machines in the shortest possible time. Installation is also carried out very quickly. Thanks to our worldwide service network, there is always a technician immediately to hand in emergencies. Another bit of security. Quasi ex-works.

Top quality

As a supplier of quality we recommend the use of original EMR spare parts. This will guarantee many years of perfect operation. No part ever leaves our premises without having undergone extensive testing. And as far as professional and expert installation is concerned, our specialists are at your disposal the world over.


We give a guarantee of one year for all original EMR spare parts and for the work of our service technicians. Because it pays to put your trust in “made by EMR”.


You tell us the extent of the service you need.  Whether the complete service package or parts delivery – we then provide everything from one single source.