Retrofit Solutions with Easun — MR OLTCs


Transformers are critical assets in the Electrical system. When a transformer unexpectedly fails due to On Load Tap Changer problem, revenues are lost as production comes to a standstill. Equipment age, extreme usage, lack of replacement parts, and declining availability of technical experts add to the growing risk of failure of transformer/ OLTCs.


A pre-emptive and well Planned OLTC Retrofit plan increases the life expectancy of your transformers and reduces total operation and maintenance costs.

An OLTC Retrofit with Easun — MR OLTCs increases the reliability of your transformer at a fraction of the cost of a new transformer. We will be able to provide the right combination of custom engineering and field expertise to design, procure, and install a replacement OLTC or to retrofit an existing OLTC.

Easun — MR will execute a comprehensive retrofit solution on end to end basis right from Oil Draining, Transformer Study, Tap Changer replacement till the Transformer is fully Restored. It is a Single Umbrella Package with no worries to the user. Just hand over transformer to us, rest we will handle.

Easun MR is providing this comprehensive retrofit package for any make Tap Changer without any exception.

We have carried out such retrofit over the past 30 years, You can fully bank on our experience.

Benefits of EMR Retrofits

  • A Single Source point for Retrofitting solution
  • Upgraded with Latest Cutting Edge OLTCs and Monitoring Systems.
  • Reliability & Proven technology
  • Increased life of transformer
  • Reduced down time installation
  • Operational reliability
  • Low cost of maintenance